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It is a fruit tree of great importance worldwide, coming from china and from the rosaceous family. The countries of bigger production of peach are the United States, Spain, Italy and Greece. Spain, from the European point of view is the third producer with 900.000 tons and 78.000 hectares. Most of the production (around the 70%) is intended for the fresh consume and the rest to the industry. The main producer areas in Spain are: Valle del Ebro, Lérida y Murcia.

Climate and soil requirements

It is a plant of temperate areas with low resistance to cold. There are serious damages in the flowering periods at -3ºC. It requires from 400 to 800 hours of cold and the new varieties need even less. The lack of cold can be a problem if the choice of the variety is erroneous. EIt is a species which need plenty of light to give quality to the fruit, however, the trunk suffers with too much isolation, so it is necessary to whitewash or making a good pruning. The different patterns allow any kind of soil; although it is better the soils with moderate pH, never very calcareous and sandy or at least with a good drain.

Plantation spacing

It is important to make a good pruning once a year due to their growing level. Some plantation spacing is used depending on the shape of the tree and the growing of the variety, although traditionally the spacing is of 5 x 5 and 6 x 6.


Due to the dense foliage and strong vegetation, the peach needs a constant water supply. The drip irrigation erases the common uncertainly of the agricultural tasks depending on the water coming from the natural phenomenon.

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